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Positivity x Support x Self Awareness

We all need a little support sometimes and this is especially true when it comes to positive thinking!

For the month of March our theme is centered around positive thinking when it comes to the things we think and say about ourselves. We want the girls to think more positively about themselves but also to become more aware of what their loved ones are saying about themselves too. We want the girls to become increasingly supportive to their fellow FitGirls (and any loved one, really) but calling out negative thoughts/behaviors. Here's how:

We will provide the girls with a few colorful bracelets, to start out with, that they will wear on their wrists for the month of March. Whenever the girls hear someone in their life say or do something negative towards their self they would pass a bracelet to that person as a reminder to show more self-kindness by switching to positive thinking. That bracelet will then serve as a reminder to choose positivity over negativity - and also, that their loved ones are listening and support them through tough times.

Wearing more bracelets does not mean you are a negative person, but rather a symbol of choice; you can make a choice with every thought and action. You can become more positive. You have the power to choose.

During FitGirls classes the girls will continue with this theme for the entire month of March. We will also elaborate on this topic by challenging the girls mentally through our weekly discussions.

"By becoming a light for others, you will naturally become more aware of your own darkness. Awareness is truly the first step towards making positive changes" - Coach Krystal


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