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Fitness & Empowerment Camp

Each camp runs for 1 week (Monday to Friday) for 2 hours per day.


During this week we will not only work on our physical fitness,

but also take part in various other activities including: learning and

discussing various topics (i.e. nutrition, body image, confidence), learning

a skill, being creative (i.e vision board planning/creation), playing fitness games, community connection, goal setting, etc!


Every week is designed to be different so that you can

participate in one than one if you wish!

jr camp.jpg

The goal of this camp is for participants to connect with one another

and to complete the camp feeling more empowered and

more confident than when they started!

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The FitGIRLS Vision

The Power of Positivity

Nutrition; Fueling our Machines

Thankfulness; Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude


Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Support, Encouragement and Motivation

Respect; For Yourself and your Surroundings

Kindness, Compassion and Giving


Redefining the word ‘Beautiful’

Following your Dreams

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