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FitGirls offers an alternative to mainstream programming as not all girls want to participate in dance, gymnastics or organized sports.  We are a high energy, movement-focused program that encourages girls to build physical strength and confidence in a safe and supportive environment.  Our medically-approved program focuses on girls aged 8-16 years.


Our FitGirls coaching team inspire the girls to become a “FitGirl”! Being a “FitGirl” means more than just physically “fit” or strong. The definition also encompasses a girl’s mental, emotional health and how they conduct themselves within their community! We teach these girls how to be the best versions of themselves! Most importantly and what a parent would want to know, is that we take care of their girls!


Lastly, FitGirls helps its’ participants to improve in other physical activity endeavors.  We encourage the girls every step of the way and celebrate every single accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem, nothing is insignificant to our coaching team!  A girl’s confidence and physical abilities will improve during our sessions and carry on with them after FitGirls! Each ‘FitGirl’ is treated as an individual client and we take a “client-centered” approach to helping them grow as a ‘FitGirl’!


A FitGirl is respectful to her body by eating healthy and active living

A FitGirl is strong and confident and loves herself inside and out

A FitGirl understands that she is unique, as is every person.  She respects every person’s uniqueness including her own unconditionally

A FitGirl is a leader and will speak up when she recognizes injustice.  She knows that her voice is a powerful tool and that she has the ability to turn negatives into positives

A FitGirl is kind and considerate to all things, no matter who or what they are

A FitGirl inspires others through positive actions such as kindness and gratitude

A FitGirl is an ambassador and represents a community of girls wanting to make the world a better place


The FitGIRLS Vision

The Power of Positivity

Nutrition; Fueling our Machines

Thankfulness; Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude


Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Support, Encouragement and Motivation

Respect; For Yourself and your Surroundings

Kindness, Compassion and Giving


Redefining the word ‘Beautiful’

Following your Dreams

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