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Personal Training

Private/Semi-Private/Small Group

Are you looking for more specialized training for your FitGirl? Does her fitness, health and wellness goals require more attention? Well, we have you covered! We also offer private training and small group training! Private training is conducted on a one-on-one basis between your FitGirl and a certified trainer. Semi-private/small group training ranges from 2-4 girls, per session, with a certified trainer. This type of training is ideal for those who prefer smaller groups, those who have a specific group they wish to work with, populations with special needs or those who are training for a specific goal (example; sports specific training).

Team / Athletic Training

Is your daughter an athlete who would benefit from additional training in support of her chosen sport? FitGirls provides your athlete with a space and certified trainer for private, semi-private or team training. We can tailor your program to target your specific sport.

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