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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

Screen time includes television, internet browsing, cell phone browsing and playing games.

Screen time guidelines according to the Canadian Pediatric Society are as follows: 📺Children under age two: no screen time 📺Children aged two to four: less than one hour a day of screen time 📺Children and teens aged 5 to 17: maximum of two hours a day of recreational screen time (watching television, messaging friends or playing computer games)

Too much screen time increases risk of: 🍰Overweight 😴Sleep-deprived 🏫Less school-ready Inattentive 😡Aggressive 🙁Less able to self-soothe.

Tips to set limits: 💗Be a good role model with your own screen use—on all devices. 💗Turn off devices for mealtimes, reading with your child or doing things together as a family. 💗Turn off screens when no one is using them, especially background TV. 💗Avoid using screens for at least 1 hour before bedtime and keep all screens out of your child’s bedroom. They interfere with sleep. 💗Choose healthy activities, like reading, outdoor play and crafts, over screen time.

How does your family set screen time limits?


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