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Eat The Rainbow

Is your family eating enough fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of your daily diet and may lower your risk of heart disease💔. They contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber. We suggest making half of your plate fruits and vegetables🥗. Choose different textures, colours and shapes. Kids are more likely to eat if if it looks good!

Fruit and Vegetable tips:

🔺Fruit juices and juice concentrates are high in sugar. We recommend replacing those with water and choosing whole fruits or cut up vegetables. Alternatively, add fruit to the water and blend for a delicious smoothie.

🔺Although fresh fruits and vegetables are always best, they are not the only option. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can all be healthy options that are convenient and take little time to prepare.

🔺Choose frozen fruits and vegetables without unhealthy additives such as: -added sugars -added sodium

🔺Always keep cut up fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator for easy snacking access

🔺Add fruits to yogurt for a delicious snack

🔺Freeze seedless grapes on a tray and enjoy them as a snack.

Let us know if you have any tips on "eating the rainbow 🌈"!!!


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