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Don't Forget To Stretch

Did you know that training flexibility is just as important as training for strength or any other component of fitness? When we increase strength or exercise output our flexibility is likely to decrease unless we are also training it! The problem with a decrease in flexibility is that we increase our chance of getting an injury and decrease our strength and/or athletic potential! Stretching itself is also an excellent way to decrease stress and to break up long periods of being sedentary! Here are some tips to considering adding to your fitness regime when it comes to increasing your flexibility:

Try working on your flexibility at least 3 times per week! Hold stretches to the point of tension and never pain (stretching should feel satisfying, not painful)Hold stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds (however, 60 seconds is ideal!)Work on your flexibility when your body is warm (after a bath/shower or after a workout is the best time!)


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