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Raising a 10 year old girl in 2017 is definitely not easy.  We came across the Fit Girls Program and my daughter was INSTANTALLY HOOKED.  With her not being a dancer, a musician or a gymnast it is hard to find an activity that holds her interest, something she WANTS to go to each and every week.  Each week she looks forward to going to her “FIT GIRL” class and at the end of each class she tells me each time that it went by so fast.  The warm welcome that Taryn and the girls who were already in the program made her feel like she was a member from the beginning.  After the first class, she immediately came home and wanted to turn a room in our house into a “gym” teaching my boys the activity she had just learned.    The circuit training  activities, small group environment and discussions about daily life issues really encourage her to be the best she can each and every day.  Anyone who has a daughter should definitely put HER into FitGIRLS.


- Lauren (Thornhill)

My 12 year old daughter has never been much of a “sporty girl”.  Although we’ve tried soccer, gymnastics and other recreational sports, they never seemed to resonate with her and she eventually lost interest in them as the sports became too competitive.I was fine with this but physical activity was still important to promote so I was always searching for another form of activity for her to be involved in.  And boy did we hit the jack pot by finding Fit Girls!!  Targeted to a unique age group, the program provides a perfect combination of self-awareness, self-confidence and fun all mixed in with exercise.My daughter genuinely looks forward to her Monday night Fit Girls class.  She enjoys the physical activity and feels confident in her abilities.  Taryn & Krystal are wonderful and motivational leaders.Thank you, Taryn for creating a positive atmosphere where girls can open their eyes to their own inner strength.  Thank you for inspiring and empowering girls to be joyful, healthy and confident!!

- Kristina (Milton)

FitGirls has been a great weekly program for my 9 year old.  The program is fun and delivers a great dose of confidence, strength training and self-image education.  I love the fact that it is unique and that my daughter can bond with like-minded girls!  Very thankful to Taryn who has put in an immense amount of effort and care into this unique program!

- Mark (Thornhill)

For those girls who just want to be fit and healthy without joining a team sports, Fit Girls is the way to go. Great fitness club for teens, warm and supportive environment, great full body workout for girls.


- Sanaa (Richmond Hill)

My 13 years old daughter have shown so much dedication to Fit Girls unlike many attempts with team sports. Very grateful for the FIt Girls team. Keep up with the great service for our girls.

- Joanne (Aurora)

Much to my chagrin, I have been noticing a great deal of talk amoung my 10 year old daughter and her friends and cousins about body image.  "I wish I was skinny.. I'm fatter than her..." shocking statements from the mouths of babes!! I was frustrated and concerned.. no amount of mother/daughter talks changed the way they saw themselves..  I came across Fitgirls on facebook and the timing couldn't have been more perfect!  The program seemed to cover all the concerns I, like a lot of moms, was having.  I instantly called and after speaking to Taryn for only a few minutes, enrolled my daughter in her program.  This specially designed boot camp for girls has been life-changing for my daughter and her cousins, who have also joined.   The class has opened up a part of them they did not know existed!  Learning about health, fitness and positive body image at this young, tender age is empowering them for the future.   I am so grateful for Taryn and her Fitgirls program for lifting my daughter and nieces and showing them what they are made of!!

- Patricia (Woodbridge)

My daughter has tried gymnastics, cheerleading and dance, but decided they weren't a right fit for her, so our search for a motivating fitness/physical activity program continued. In September 2016, we were introduced to FitGirls and it was exactly what she had been looking for, and much much more!

- Nikki (Maple)

FitGirls is a program that focuses on the many needs of growing girls, including physical activity, girl empowerment, nutrition, positive body image and a focus on building self-esteem and confidence.


My daughter is officially hooked on this program, and looks forward to her twice-weekly classes. She has built friendships already, and the trainers are motivating and inspiring! There has been no program to date that we have found where the development of the whole-child is the focus, as we know how many aspects there are to growing tween girls!  We are confident that she will be a long-time member at FitGirls!

Thank you Taryn for fulfilling a much needed niche for our girls!

- Michelle (Toronto)

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